The Financial Pipeline
The Financial Pipeline
Financial Information for the Rest of Us

Financial Information For The Rest of Us

Founded in 1996 by a group of portfolio managers, The Financial Pipeline is dedicated to providing financial knowledge and education to anyone and everyone with even a passing interest in finance. All of our articles are screened and edited for accuracy and objectivity. Our motto, “Financial Information For the Rest of Us,” speaks for itself.


The Financial Pipeline provides financial information at all levels for financial consumers and investors. Our aim is to empower our readers to make educated financial decisions. We have gone to great lengths to make sure our content is easy to digest and approachable, with articles ranging from easy to expert levels. Read all about it!

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If you have a desire to know more about financial topics, you have found the right place. Our article base is developing quickly and constantly, with uploads of new content on a weekly basis. Our contributors have been chosen for their expertise in their respective fields and their ability to communicate their ideas simply and effectively.

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