It’s the final selection, and our bachelorette has given her two last roses to suitors CDOR and CORRA.

At first glance, the two contestants likely to propose didn’t seem that different – both were Canadian-dollar based variable benchmarks used to price everything from consumer loans to floating rate notes, variable mortgage-backed securities and asset swaps.

But as the season went on, we learned there was more to these dashing suitors than we originally thought – and a mid-season plot twist led to a scandal that lit up Twitter for days.

Will the bachelorette accept a proposal from CDOR, who was the fan favourite before rumours of a cheating scandal, or will she choose earnest CORRA, whose character remains untested? Can she move past the LIBOR heartbreak, and find true love at last?

Before we get to the final rose, let’s look back at the bachelors looking to win our girl’s heart:

The bad boy/fan favourite: CDOR

9 months ago