How To Use this Site

The Financial Pipeline was created to educate “the rest of us”, and help regular investors make informed, intelligent decisions. But we know not everyone comes to us with the same level of financial expertise, so are stories are organized by difficulty level.


Easy stories explain key financial concepts and strategies for readers to improve their day-to-day money management. Once you’re ready to learn more, you can delve in to the intermediate, or “blue” category.


Intermediate stories are written for people with some familiarity with financial information. They deal with more complex subject matter, and allow you to move up or down a level if you’d like to know more.


Readers with more financial sophistication belong in the advanced, or “black” level. It’s The Financial Pipeline’s equivalent to moguls for skier – full of interesting discussions about complex investment topics.

All our stories, videos and book reviews are labeled in this way, so you can cruise around to learn more about a topic – or less! We update our stories weekly – but if you’re not finding something you’d like to learn more about, just send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.