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Carpe Diem

1 month ago
On the season finale, the tables are turned as the crew become the questioned. Regular guests Jason and Steffan are joined by Chris, ‘the numbers guy’, as they test the millennials with a quiz on how much we’ve learned so far. There’s a fine line between breaking it down and breaking us down, but thankfully we’ve had some fine teachers along the way.

Is ESG Killing Millennials?

2 months ago
Millennials are thought to be ruining a lot of things. But are millennials sometimes the ruined? On this month’s episode, we take a look at ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and talk about how it affects millennials and their investment decisions. While most people would like to invest in companies that do good beyond the bottom-line, determining the criteria for that is a lot harder than it may seem.

FOMI – Fear Of Missing Investments

3 months ago
On this episode of The Breakdown, the crew discusses with Jason and Steffan the idea of investing FOMO and how psychology can affect investment decision making. Is crypto a fad or is it the future? Will weed stocks burn out or will they go high? Is there such a thing as a sure bet? We have the answers.
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