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Review of “Debt of Honor”

“Debt of Honor” centers around the plot of a powerful Japanese businessman intent on putting Saipan back into Greater Japan and avenging his family’s suicide before the advancing U.S. Forces in World War II. A surprise Japanese military and economic attack puts the United States on its heels. Jack Ryan puts it all together and goes on the offensive.

A great techno-thriller in the Jack Ryan series by the late Tom Clancy. A covert military and economic attack on the United States is executed by a Japanese businessman intent on revenge. Jack Ryan, now the National Security Adviser, sees through the plan and puts the U.S. back on the offensive.

Financial Content: “Debt of Honor” describes a well-designed program trading attack and a computer virus attack the American financial markets. The President of the New York Fed gets pushed in front of a bus. Kid traders and “quants” quiver in panic. Jack Ryan sets it right!

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