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Review of the “Zero Hour”

A thriller that’s thrilling by Joseph Finder. Bauman, the “Prince of Darkness” is a hired killer who balks at nothing to complete his mission: Destroy the U. S. economy!

Locked away to rot in a South African prison, Bauman is freed by fugitive financier Malcolm Dyson to avenge the death of his wife and daughter by destroying the U.S. economy. Bauman is truly terrifying as a ruthless and superbly efficient killing machine. He’s pitted against single Mom Sarah Cahill of the FBI. Bauman gets close to her and targets Sarah’s family as he nearly takes down the entire U.S. financial system.

Financial Content: A great look at the electronic system that makes the modern financial system work. The realism of the plan to destroy it is as chilling as the methods of the killer that targets it.

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