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Uncle Pipeline has been a Financial Pipeline contributor since 1996. An expert in investing in bonds to managing your personal finances, he’s the kindly uncle who is always there for you with great financial advice. Always opinionated but never boring, Uncle Pipeline’s insightful anecdotes and simple explanations will help you to make better decisions about your money. He’s like a stiff pull of hard liquor – a little hard to swallow, but remarkably warming and helpful in the end.

You can trust him to curate the financial news you need to know about.

IMF heightens warnings on corporate debt following central bank cuts

Publication: Reuters
The International Monetary Fund heightened its warnings for the corporate debt market on Wednesday, as investors search for richer returns in riskier assets after recent interest rate cuts by central banks. [Read more]
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The stretch for yield caused by central bank manipulations can be a huge negative externality of over a decade of loose monetary policy.

Brussels gives green light to intensive Brexit talks with UK*

Publication: Financial Times
EU diplomats are preparing to approve the start of intensive negotiations with the UK on Brexit, in a sign that Brussels believes a deal may be possible in the coming weeks. [Read more]
Why you have to read this
Finally, some positive news out of Europe. Expect these Brexit discussions to be on the front page everyday for the rest of the month.

China and the NBA are coming to blows over a pro-Hong Kong tweet. Here’s why.

Publication: Business Insider
The NBA and China are locked in an escalating feud sparked by a tweet that voiced support for protests in Hong Kong. The topic of Hong Kong protests remains a sensitive issue for China, and China has been known to take harsh action against companies that so much as reference its domestic affairs or appear to threaten its authority. [Read more]
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The NBA is in hot water with the Chinese government after the Houston Rockets GM tweeted support for the protests in Hong Kong. Can global brands stay apolitical or is the “do nothing, say nothing” approach the same as taking a political side?

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