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Uncle Pipeline has been a Financial Pipeline contributor since 1996. An expert in investing in bonds to managing your personal finances, he’s the kindly uncle who is always there for you with great financial advice. Always opinionated but never boring, Uncle Pipeline’s insightful anecdotes and simple explanations will help you to make better decisions about your money. He’s like a stiff pull of hard liquor – a little hard to swallow, but remarkably warming and helpful in the end.

You can trust him to curate the financial news you need to know about.

Germany regrets size of bond that pays nothing as auction flops

Publication: Bloomberg
The whole of Germany’s yield curve is now below zero -- the first major market exhibiting such a trait -- meaning the government is effectively being paid to borrow out to 30 years. [Read more]
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Germany came to the market with the first 30-year bond at a negative yield. There was lackluster demand in the deal as only 824 million euros were sold – and most of that was to itself.

Move over, shareholders: Top CEOs say companies have obligations to society*

Publication: Wall Street Journal
The Business Roundtable on Monday changed its statement of “the purpose of a corporation.” No longer should decisions be based solely on whether they will yield higher profits for shareholders, the group said. Rather, corporate leaders should take into account “all stakeholders”— that is, employees, customers and society writ large. [Read more]
Why you have to read this
Corporations in the U.S. must put shareholders above all else. This is not the same internationally, as other countries also focus on stakeholders such as employees, customers and suppliers. Should the corporation’s obligation stop at the shareholder or should a corporation have a “social conscience”?

Zero vacancies, sky-high rates: Inside Canada’s rental housing crisis*

Publication: The Globe and Mail
Years of lacklustre construction and booming demand have led to waning vacancies and soaring rents. It’s a crisis decades in the making – and there’s no easy fix. [Read more]
Why you have to read this
Home ownership in Canada has been stretched to the extremes due to low mortgage rates and individuals’ willingness to take on debt. Affordability is now increasingly becoming an issue in the rental market as well.

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