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Uncle Pipeline has been a Financial Pipeline contributor since 1996. An expert in investing in bonds to managing your personal finances, he’s the kindly uncle who is always there for you with great financial advice. Always opinionated but never boring, Uncle Pipeline’s insightful anecdotes and simple explanations will help you to make better decisions about your money. He’s like a stiff pull of hard liquor – a little hard to swallow, but remarkably warming and helpful in the end.

You can trust him to curate the financial news you need to know about.


Powell adopts an inflation stance Yellen shunned

Publication: Bloomberg
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and his colleagues have made an important shift in their strategy for dealing with inflation in a prelude to what could be a more radical change next year. [Read more]
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The Fed is coming up with new excuses to mask the fact that inflation is essentially at target while they continue to be pressured by the White House to create short terms bubbles.

China’s economy stabilizes after Beijing opens the bank vaults

Publication: The New York Times
China’s economy stabilized in the first three months of the year, according to official figures released on Wednesday, after Beijing flooded the financial system with money in a whatever-it-takes approach to arrest a slowdown. [Read more]
Why you have to read this
Heavy borrowing comes with increased worry. China has fueled its economy by doling out more loans, leaving the rest of the world wondering, will this credit bubble burst?

Cash out, or go all in: when stocks are up 16% and it’s only April

Publication: Bloomberg
The S&P 500 is up 16 percent on the year, back to a place where it has twice crashed. For stock managers who spent the last three months climbing out of their deepest hole in a decade, the temptation now is to take the money and run. [Read more]
Why you have to read this
The enthusiasm for stocks and risk is rising, with investors demanding to “not be left behind”. With last year’s lows still fresh on our minds, should you be bailing or buying?

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